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Patient Resources


If you are a new patient with an upcoming appointment, please download our New Patient Packet which includes the following:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Patient Registration Form
  • Disclosures and Consents Form
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Health & Medical History Form

Complete the packet and bring it with you to your appointment. We look forward to meeting you in person.


In attempt to accomodate the needs of our patients, we accept most insurance plans. Please telephone our office at 901-747-3900 to confirm if your insurance plan is accepted.

Please note that most insurance plans require a referral from your Primary Care Physician to see a specialist. It is your responsibility to secure a referral prior to your visit with us. If you are unsure of whether your specific insurance plan requires a referral, please call your insurance company for benefit information.

With your cooperation and help, we will be able to concentrate on caring for your medical needs in the most efficient manner possible.


Welcome to Our Clinic
Before you arrive for your first appointment, we’d like to share with you some things to expect during your stay. In preparation for your appointment, please bring the following items with you:

* Insurance Card
* Your prescription eyeglasses/contacts
* Referral from your Primary Care Physician (if required)
* List of medications and dosages you are currently taking
* Copayment (cash, check, credit card)
* Completed New Patient Packet

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Plan on spending some extra time with us so that we may properly diagnose your condition. You will first be given an initial eye exam, after which a technician will dilate (enlarge) your pupils with special eye drops. This dilation, which may take from 20 to 40 minutes after adding drops, allows us to examine the inside of your eye more clearly. As your pupils dilate, your eyes may become more sensitive to light. We therefore maintain a low-light atmosphere in our lobby.

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Once your pupils are fully dilated, we will further examine your eyes and possibly perform additional testing, depending upon your condition. Finally, we will discuss your condition and possible treatment options (if advisable), and also answer any questions you may have. Before your departure, we can provide you with special sunglasses to minimize glare and light sensitivity once you leave our office. Your pupils should return to normal within 3 hours.

We look forward to meeting you at your appointment! Please call us (901-747-3900) if you have any questions.

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